Sleeping Beauty

RARE Productions Youth Theatre Group present


Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairy tale that tells the story of a beautiful princess who falls under a curse from an evil fairy. According to the curse, the princess would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her 18th birthday and would die. A good fairy, however, intervenes and alters the curse, stating that the princess will instead sleep for 100 years and can only be awakened by true love’s kiss. On the princess’s 18th birthday, the curse takes effect and she falls asleep.

We follow the story as the prince and his journey to overcome the obstacles and awaken the princess. In the end, will true love’s kiss awaken the princess, and will the kingdom be saved.  Running time:  1h 45mins (including interval)

This is a non professional production by RARE Youth Theatre Group

Thurs evening Red Team

Friday evening Green Team

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The Amazing Bubbleman

Louis Pearl has been thrilling audiences around the world for over 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. He is a favorite at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he has enjoyed 14 years of sell-out success.

Louis explores the breath-taking dynamics of bubbles, combining comedy and artistry with audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized. From square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble volcanoes, tornados and trampolines to people inside bubbles, the Amazing Bubble Man conjures shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all ages.

Most shows will also feature multi instrumentalist Jet Black Pearl accompanying Louis with bubbly music to double your pleasure.

“Greatest Bubble Show on Earth.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“It’s a fantastic show. Louis Pearl playfully forms bubbles beyond imagination, and engages the audience with his easygoing nonverbal slapstick.”


Exciting Science

This Brand New, Exciting & Educational show will amaze & astound all ages from 4 years & upwards, as we put the “Exciting” back into “Science”. (See what we did there!)
With Fun & Fact filled experiments, watch in amazement as we recreate a volcanic eruption; turn a vacuum cleaner into a missile launcher or take aim at you with our smoke blaster!
So, stand clear and prepare for action, as this show is full of
Wiz, bang, pop …. And splurt
Exciting Science – Prepare to be amazed!

Cartoon Circus Live


All the fun of the circus comes to the Wyllyotts Theatre on Wednesday 21st February at 11am & 2pm when the laughter-packed stage show Cartoon Circus Live combines the comedy of pantomime with the thrill of the circus.

The one hour Half Term holiday, family show features some of Britain’s funniest clowns, traditional slapstick comedy, illusions, the amazing girl in the spinning bottle, magic, a huge giant dancing bear, cartoon characters, an acrobatic human slinky, puppets, prizes and surprises. There is even a performing piranha.


Half Term Wrestling Spectacular

Mark Haskins, one of the biggest names in UK wrestling, who found global fame with top international promotions Total Non-Stop Action and Ring of Honor in the USA and in Japan with Dragon Gate, heads the line-up for a huge half-term grappling spectacular that also features tag-team and single battles and a last man standing American Rumble. Among the other top stars in action will be new Canadian sensation Cam!!kaze. Great entertainment for all the family, and the best value ticket in town!

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (12A)

Archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary artifact that can change the course of history. (2h 34mins)

The Little Mermaid (PG)

The beloved story of Ariel, a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure. She makes a deal with a sea witch to trade her beautiful voice for human legs so she can discover the world above water and impress a Prince. (2h 15mins)

Bambi (U)

100 years of Disney

A rare opportunity to watch Bambi on the big screen.

Young Bambi must face up to the many dangers contained in the forest, in this moving Disney masterpiece.

Disney’s tale of Bambi, a young fawn that finds itself alone in a large forest, has rightly remained one of the most memorable and beloved of the studio’s features. As our young hero comes to terms with the loss of a loved one, he also discovers the joys of friendship and the dangers of the world at large. Thumper, a rabbit, and Flower, a skunk, try to keep him on the straight and narrow as he travels through the seasons, experiencing April showers and a destructive forest fire. (1h 10mins)

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (U)

100 years of Disney

A rare opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Disney’s first animated feature.

Disney turned to the Brothers Grimm for its first animated feature. It’s the classic fairy-tale of a Princess who runs away from her vain and wicked stepmother, deep into a forest where she encounters seven eccentric dwarfs. ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?’ A true musical classic, Disney staked everything he owned on the project. Despite industry expectations that it would fail, the film became a global hit and forever changed the medium. (1h 23mins)

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (PG)

A shy adolescent learns that she comes from a fabled royal family of legendary sea krakens and that her destiny lies in the depths of the waters, which is bigger than she could have ever imagined.(1h 31mins)